Final critical reflection

The journey of learning Career Professional Development II had been a tough one for me as communication and writing has not been my strength. Through this module, I truly understand what does interpersonal communication means and the importance of it. I learnt that there are several different kind of communication style, the verbal and non-verbal cues, and the different concept of communication.  I think one of my biggest takeaway is resolving conflicting and active listening because I understand so much about it.

I felt that the classroom activities were very useful as it allowed me to understand other people out of my social circle and to learn from them. The most memorable one that I could remember from the 12 weeks of the class is the Johari Window model. It really help me understand my relationship with myself and others. It really made me to stop and think about sometimes and understand more about myself.

Lastly, I managed to work with my team consisting for Rong zong, Kevin and Jiale to tackle a particular interpersonal communication problem and I understand more about the topic after doing a video and presentation on it. I have definitely have fun creating the video with my peers and watching my other classmates present about how they deal with other interpersonal communication problem as well.

Overall, I would like to thank Brad for being so patient with us. I am apologetic that we have not been extremely participative because it was not a graded module.


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